“If there is electricity in every village, people will watch TV till late night and then fall asleep. They won’t get a chance to produce children. When there is no electricity, there is nothing else to do but produce babies.”

Gulam Nabi Azad, Ex Health Minister’s expertise on population control.


This statement was made by an Ex Indian Health Minister while in Office. It is a point to ponder whether any Indian should laugh it off or not. Whether he should take it seriously as a land mark observation or showing his helplessness on the problem of population or cutting a joke on the sexual power of Indian couples. It indicates two things, i.e. power shortages and an extra dose of libido of Indian males who take the full advantages of no electricity and jump on their woman counterpart and perform the most productive job GOD ever designed.


Even in the age of electronic media, computers and social media, Indian politics always take the refuse under banners, cutouts, hand bills and posters. These posters are pasted indiscriminately on all available walls, telephone/electric poles, by the sides of all Road Over Bridges/Road under Bridges and wherever any flat surface is available. Similarly cutouts are placed in rallies and on all road crossings, junctions and level crossings where road users have to stop and ponder over the great qualities of that politician. Hand bills are distributed during rallies and other occasions. All of us must have noticed one common fact that in these posters/cutouts and handbills, the political leaders are always shown in a smiling/laughing poses with folded hands which politicians think it to be highly infectious.


If one observes these smiling/laughing politicians, few conclusions can be drawn straightway;


Firstly politicians think that smiling/laughing is their birthright which originates from extra fat deposits in Swiss Banks and stashed in Indian Banks, host of properties, very stable business and ferrying in Mercedes, Audi’s and Volvo’s. The common voter does not have even inkling of his doing. Politician think that by smiling or laughing, voters shall also smile or laugh forcibly and shall forget the black deeds of politician irrespective of the fact that whether Voter has taken the food or not, whether he is having clean drinking water or not or whether he is quite healthy to smile or laugh. Voters are kept in darkness about what is required for smiling/laughing, who are offered a series of dialogues. Few slogans, few mimicries, some acting skills from the politician.


Secondly, politician think that voters shall draw lot of positive energy from politician’s smile irrespective of basic fact that it does not matter that voter daughter/sister has been raped few days back only and his world has already  been shattered. If politician world is safe then he thinks that Voter world is also safe.


Thirdly politicians think that voters shall draw confidence that this politician who is smiling/laughing shall solve his and all country problems. Here again Voter finds himself at wrong ends because he is not aware from which sources, politician energy is coming from and it hardly matters to a politician that  a common voter has already discharged all his life batteries due to bad law and order and price rise, farmers committing suicides, politicians joking on Indian Defense forces, praising the enemy countries and foolishly, voter is trapped in a muddle of lights and sounds of Indian Films treating a even imposter hero to GOD, trying to mimic his lifestyle, though he thinks that he is not in a position to give right and appropriate directions to his own home, society, village and his own country.


Fourthly, politician smiles/laughs on the plight of voters, these poor votes whom we can and are fooling at the frequency of every five years or earlier punctually without any break right from 15th August 1947 on wards. Politician smile indicates that they are competent enough to fool the Indian masses.


Fifthly the folded Namaste style hands show that politician is trying to project himself as a top quality man full of doses of humility and respect to humanity. The politician himself may be mass murderer, dacoit and fodder thief, but politician think that now time has come to change his image but the basic fact remains that this humble posture is only for winning elections and soon he returns to mass looting again. He thinks that voter does not know this or can be taken for granted repeatedly. But one thing is sure by this time, postured politician prepares his own army of goons who are always ready to murder anybody on the instruction to their political master.


Lastly these politicians are shown or photographed wearing costly attire with lots of diamonds and ugly ill gotten wealth and still smiling or laughing. The misnomer here is that politicians have a view, that by showing our wealth, voters shall be impressed to get these items right way or wrong way in most of the cases and then announce a call that our society has become corrupt.


In southern part of India, the trends of posters/cutouts/hand bills are quite different. In this part of country, the politicians are shown in a walking pose, full view vertical photo from head to foot smiling/laughing in a white Dhoti/Kurta or white shirt pant, with chappals in their feet and a step forward in walking position. Here again few trends can be inferred;


Firstly the image of simplicity is evoked from white dress and politician must be thanking to his photographer, how he has fooled the voter from his simplicity. The voters themselves take this simplicity for granted and gets impressed in spite of the fact that politician have ill gotten wealth and unauthorized private Engg/Medical colleges. Voter is not bothered about source of his so called simplicity but he is worried, how much he identifies himself with corrupt leader. In this process if continued in a continuous barrage of this simplicity, the voter gets ready even to die for the cause of the smiling politician little thinking that his death shall be a great loss to his family.


Secondly, the politician in a standing position shows that he is an upright politician. Here again voter or population at large turn to him as a father figure and join the bandwagon of his followers. In this scenario, leader/politician/a preachers are alike where they become happy by the sheer size of their followers.


Thirdly, the walking position show appropriately that politician is forward looking, a dynamic man. The voters are taken into this walking drama so that the voter could be squeezed of his intellect and gets trapped in so called leaders and strengthen their basic belief that by joining the concerned politician bandwagon, they are doing a great service to country or society.


Fourthly the front foot forward show straight forward personality of the politician. Everybody likens himself to be straight forward looking and  at least voter wants that all other people should treat them to be forward looking persona and lo and behold, the politician take full advantage  of voters poor self esteem and low confidence. In the mean time politician play another game. They assure voters that they shall take them in forward direction only if they vote him in elections. Here the worst class of psychological games is played in which low self esteem of voters is en cashed in a highly remunerative business of politics. Who benefits from voter low confidence, it is the politician often in 99.9% cases. It is the another fact that the politician often use their supporters fools to tail wagging voters with a promise from their voters that they shall meekly surrender to them at all times and shall vote to him and his party so that politician could win elections and cheat the voters for another stint of 5 years.


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