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Gaalis (Abuses) to PM Modi

Gaalis (Abuses) To Modi A new fashion emerged on the horizon of India, a horizon, which is not in the fashion streets of Paris but in the dusty lanes of India. This fashion has become a trend and a cult among the select gangs of pseudo seculars, pseudointellectuals, liberals (Libraandus), …

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All religions except Hinduism are based on one figurehead, one book, his teachings and certain belief systems. Christianity is based on Christ, Bible and Christ teachings. Similarly Islam is based on Mohammed Sahib, Quran and his teachings. These great personalities developed the meaning of books and certain belief systems. Later …

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Indian Intellectual

The one word in India which has been defined, interpreted, directed and related to History in highly wrong manner and misused selectively is “Intellectual”. The most pertinent question is who is intellectual. An Intellectual is a very educated person whose interests are studying and other activities that involve careful thinking and …

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India or Bharatvarsha is known for its value system. We take pride in the historical background of the fact that we worship Lord RAMA as a king, full of dignity, decorum, established himself as an ideal king and Ramrajya. Lord RAMA characterizes as a moral force in which, all human …

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