There is only one equation in the entire world of mathematics and that is (3*3)+(4*4)=(5*5). It is a special and spiritual equation which defines the trilogy of destiny, karma and directions. If one understands this equation in its full avatar, many mental, psychological and spiritual knots shall be opened. One is interested to know his destiny without knowing the karma, directions and therefore spends the entire life in a confused and confounded state. The direction of karma if set properly creates expectation of results which again creates lots of despair if destiny is not understood which flows the basic tenets of Nishkam karma i.e. action without any expectations. But the whole problem starts when it becomes extremely difficult to set the directions of karma without any expectations. Here the principle of surrender as outlined in Sri Bhagwad Gita comes to our rescue outlining the power and directions of karma by surrendering at GOD feet.


Let us try to understand this equation in two parts i.e. graphically and mathematically. If this equation is plotted graphically, it is a right angle triangle having two intersecting lines at 90 degrees in the ratio of 3:4 and third line joining the corners of other two lines in the ratio of 5. If we analyze this triangle in a spiritual manner, then smaller side represents the Troika of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh i.e. The Creator, The Maintainer and The Destroyer. The other side, longer one in ratio of 4 represents the four directions or omnidirectionals. These are joining at right angle and not crossing each other which means, that until and unless these two dimensions i.e. triumvirate in 3 aspects and directions in 4 aspects join at right angle, no action is possible.


All actions are in stages, that is creation of an action, maintenance of an action and destruction of an action.. Destruction is necessary for new creation so that at every moment, new actions could be created and Creation is always possible after destruction only. Also no action is having one dimension which means that all actions are multidimensional in nature. In any case thought or generation of thought is also an action. If any thought is having a single dimension, it is not having a volumetric space, therefore to create any space, at least four dimensions are required, that is three dimensional structure and time as fourth dimension. After all, all happenings and events are volumetric time dependent function. Hence ratio 4 is essential to create an thought/action in consonance with 3 ratio representing the various stages of any action or a life form. We all start our journey of life from birth to death in 3 stages i.e birth, life and death.


Now coming finally the third longest leg of this triangle, that is hypotenuse which is having a ratio of 5 representing five senses, joining the apex points of other two lines. This longest line represents karma which is possible only with the help of our 5 senses. These our five senses are agents of doing any karma. This is possible only with the help of triumvirate and 4 dimensional spaces. Can we achieve anything without the help of destiny? In ordinary sense, triumvirate represents our destiny. Whatever we try and do nothing is possible without the help of destiny. But it is also a fact according to Sri Bhagwad Gita that destiny alone does not create anything, continuous karma is essential for any result. Here also our role and goal is limited to do karma only in right direction without expectation of any result i.e. doing karma without any attachment of results. Therefore karma is the largest one side of this spiritual triangle which represents continuous karma with association of destiny and multi dimensional space.


Now the mathematical part of this equation represents that if destiny is added to multidimensional space, only then karma is possible. Without any of these components, karma is fruitless and does not bring any results and our position becomes as that of an active energetic man searching an exit in a complete dark room and thus hitting its walls and hurting himself. The presence of light in the form of consciousness is essential to find the exit route of various challenges of life. Also if multidimensional term of 4 ratio is transferred to other side of equality i.e. it is subtracted from karma of 5 ratio, the balance on the left hand side  remains our destiny in the form of God’s Will or triumvirate. Therefore our karma has to be devoid of multidimensional space representing the inertial part of our action.


If we are able to subtract the inertial part of our karma, we can realize the GOD’s presence in our all karmas still detached from the consequences and leave everything on GOD’s Will or destiny. Our journey of life shall be far more comfortable with lots of eternal peace of mind and still enjoying our lives. Also our relationships with other shall be far superior if we understand this spiritual equation both graphically and mathematically.


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