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The one word in India which has been defined, interpreted, directed and related to History in highly wrong manner and misused selectively is “Intellectual”. The most pertinent question is who is intellectual. An Intellectual is a very educated person whose interests are studying and other activities that involve careful thinking and mental efforts. A public intellectual is: “Someone who expresses views (especially on popular topics) from a position of expertise intended to be accessible to a general audience.” So Public Intellectuals could not be categorized as per subject or field, Otherwise they would be called Scholars or Experts or Intellectuals but not Public intellectuals. Public intellectual have wide range views on diverse fields and area of studies with full authority, responsibility and vision.

India has produced very large no’s of scholars, Rishis, Mahrishis who has penned down large volumes of literature but only on one or max two topics. Therefore, they cannot be termed as Intellectuals. Similarly, in western countries the scholars were mainly on one subject therefore they are also out from the definition of Intellectuals. The objection can be raised that Modern society treats western scholars as Intellectuals but refuses to accept ancient Indian scholars as Intellectuals. This trend is catching fire as so called Modern society refuses the contribution made by Indian ancient scholars in the fear that they have to accept the Hindus contribution also which has been a great problem.

Indian ancient and modern Western cultures always trusted in excelling in one or max two fields and with the help of contemplation, MANAN, observations and experiments therefore they had deep knowledge. Depth was more important than width of knowledge. These are also out from the definition of Intellectuals.

Here the concept of specialists originated from the depth of knowledge but the same scholars fell silent on subjects other their own but people mistook them. As science and technology advanced, the computers and artificial intelligence slowly taken over the job of thinking from people and hijacked them from thinking pattern and their intelligence. Now what happened really is interesting. As people were divested from their deep thinking, people were relieved from their thinking pain by computers and artificial intelligence. Therefore depth of knowledge evaporated gradually and people largely did not feel the need of in depth knowledge of any subject. But their mental efforts continued in acquiring some knowledge from variety of subjects. In this process people started to believe themselves as having knowledge on many many subjects but here only width of knowledge on many subjects is available which replaced the in depth knowledge of one particular subject. Here the modern “Intellectual” was born as Jack of all and master of none.

The word Intellectual is of recent origin from the advent and spread of computers. Specially in India , the first set of “Intellectuals” were names of Historians notably Romila Thapar, R S Sharma, Irfan Habib and Bipin Chandra Pal, all left minded people who based their History on their twisted facts; 1. The Aryans came to India from outside justifying the arrivals of Muslims and Englishmen. 2. The plunder of Indian wealth was justified suitably since Aryans came from outside and plundered India. 3. The contribution of Hindus in Science, Technology, art and philosophy was negated or best described in hush hush tone. 4. No atrocities were committed on Hindus by Muslims and they were shown as kind hearten and generous people.

The second set of “Intellectuals” was Hindu haters. Naturally these people were influenced by the History written by above mentioned Historians. For these “Intellectuals”, sometimes pseudo intellectuals, Muslims were always peace loving people who reformed Hindus and India and immensely contributed for art, culture and music. For these intellectuals, Hindu system and school of music is primitive and could prosper only with the arrivals of Mughals. Our administration of Government was gifted by Englishman who even held responsible to make Hindus to human beings from primitive type of animals.

The third set of “Intellectuals” is of Rationalist type who always worried about Hindu belief System. A Hindu lives only because of conviction and belief system which is always questioned and try to put a Hindu in the overall bracket of illiteracy, ill mannered, unscientific and misinformed. These rationalists never question the belief system of Muslims and Christians. The moment these rationalists will question the belief system of Muslims and Christians, their fat pay packets shall go dry from missionaries and crusade parties.

The fourth set of “Intellectuals” in a vast majority from congress mind set who is interested only in ruling this country. Naturally they have enmity with those who are slightly patriotic and believe in nationalism. Power is their ultimate GOD and it becomes next to impossible for them to remain out of power and thus Congress has become a mass provider of these “Intellectuals” whose sole aim is to denigrate Hinduism and somehow stop NDA/BJP/Modi to come and stay in power.

The fifth set of “Intellectuals” are with leftist mind set who are treating patriotism and nationalism  some sort of unacceptable bitter pill and consider themselves the direct descendant of Carl Marx and Che Guevara. For them it is extremely important to criticize the Hindus and praise the Muslims and Christians. They criticize the Hindus and claim that they do not believe in any religion which means they do not believe in Hinduism but believe in other religion. For Hindus they are atheists but for Muslims and Christians, they are followers of that religion.

The sixth sets of “Intellectuals” are JNU, Jadavpur University, St Stephen or Miranda type. These type of people, use the term as Alternative views but in reality they are echoing their alternative views only being anti Hindu and anti national and claim that they draw their strength from the secular nature of constitution.

The last and more recently the seventh set of “Intellectuals” are those “All know type of people” who discuss the economy, poverty of India on a Glass of Scotch sitting in five star hotels. They liken themselves to be called intellectuals of top order. Generally they use social media and every time they post, they think that their followers shall be highly influenced but a common citizen  knows the reality and he enjoys the utterances of these so-called intellectuals.


The target of these type of intellectuals is Hindu, Hindu Unity, their belief system, nationalistic fervor with a view of protecting the secularism and Indian Constitution. The differences between a normal human being and intellectuals are that the intellectuals can write/speak or throw the light on all the subjects under Sun. An intellectual cannot say No even if you ask him a question on Quantum Mechanics and a true intellectual will always try to answer them in broken arguments but shall never say;”I do not know anything on Quantum Mechanics.” CERTAINLY ALBERT EINSTEIN MUST BE TURNING SIDES IN HIS GRAVE.”

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