India or Bharatvarsha is known for its value system. We take pride in the historical background of the fact that we worship Lord RAMA as a king, full of dignity, decorum, established himself as an ideal king and Ramrajya. Lord RAMA characterizes as a moral force in which, all human relations have been idealized as an ideal King, ideal brother, an ideal son under one umbrella character of Maryada Purshottam. The world over we are known as one of the few centers where family value system is still existing though reached a lower level in present times. We also boast of having oldest civilization, oldest religion as Hindu, oldest city of Varanasi. In spite of all these boasting, somewhere moral fiber got weakened and simultaneously the atrocities on a female, girls, children, weaker people and old people stated at an increased rate. Does the freedom in  August 1947  mean anything to these components of society? Sadly No. How to let us examine.

One of the worst kind of rape happened in the National capital known worldwide as Nirbhaya case where a minor girl was raped repeatedly and later on victim succumbed to injuries. All over India, protests and rallies started and the Government set up a judicial committee which later on recommended the death penalty for rape of a girl.

In the following incidence, Mandsaur rape happened to negate the fact that rule position had become much more stringent. Again after heavy protests all over the Madhya Pradesh, the fact was highlighted that some antisocial elements never learnt the rule position and punishments, but commits the rape of innocent minor girl child unaware of the repercussions.

If these isolated cases were not sufficient then the case of Muzaffarpur girl shelter caught the attention of the nation. In Muzaffarpur-Bihar Girl shelter home society generated orphans, destitute and misguided girls are housed for caring, shelter, food, clothes, education and healthy living. The girl children who are orphans or are left by their parents or relatives, mostly between the age of 5-17 years. Similar conditions are existing in all over India. Tata Institute of social sciences made a special audit of this shelter home and found that some girls complained to them of their sexual exploitation. Nobody paid any attention. 

Only after 28th May when FIR lodged, media took attention that too in local channels only. The confirmation appeared that 29 girl children out of total strength of 42, were being sexually exploited. Though only after the CBI investigation started, the main operator-culprit was arrested and who was connected with powerful and influential people, politicians, bureaucrats, and judiciary. All were involved in this horrible act equally. The same people who were supposed to maintain decorum in society were found to be involved in this ghastly act. The girls made statements innocently that they were being sent to all these people and how they have been made sex victims in most horrendous manner.

Similar was the case of Bhojpur –Bihar shelter home where orphan boys kids castigated that they have been sexually assaulted in unnatural sex.

Before the heat on these cases subsided, the Hyderabad case exploded wherein an orphan girl sex racket erupted in which girls from 7 to 17 years age were sexually exploited, some of these girls were aged lesser than 7 years. Also, these girls were being injected the hormone injections to make them adult quickly to a fully grown woman so that the influential people could enjoy them fully. The price tag of these injected girls was of the order of Rs 1.5 lakh per girl.

In the meantime, 73 girls minor girls were rescued from  Paharganj Delhi who was given the promise of employment and better future but in reality, they were being exported to Gulf countries sheikdom for their carnal pleasure. After few days, Deoria UP caught the attention of nation where the orphan girls of a girl shelter home were being used as a sex toy by influential people.

As per the guidelines of these shelter homes, these homes are to be inspected and taken care of by the five-tier system. First-tier consists of Child welfare counsellors who are supposed to visit these homes on monthly basis. The second tier is headed by the District Magistrate who is supposed to visit every two months and take corrective actions. The third tier consists of Senior Govt officials and Senior citizens of the district. The fourth tier is at State level consisting of Sitting Judge of High courts. The fifth tier consists of officials of State Commission for protection of child rights. These five tiers are supposed to visit these shelter homes frequently and take necessary steps for the safety and well being of these children. At all levels, the general perception is that these Govt officials and social peoples are themselves involved in sexual exploitation. When the protectors themselves turn into assault’s, from whom a child can expect the care and protection. When fence itself turns in to weed, nobody can protect the farm crop.

These girls from poor families are sometimes promised jobs and are sent to Gulf countries. Often these immature girls are taken as sex victims easily for the lust of powerful people. Specially orphan, destitute children are sexually exploited in most inhuman horror full manners.

Indian our own Bharatvarsha is having about 5000 such gangs who are in this inhumane business of girl children, kidnapping them, taken or bought from their parents/relatives and then they are fed, injected of injection “Oxytocin” which is used to increase the milk yield in Cows/Buffaloes and made scapegoats so that these girls are made up grown-up girls in few months and then they are sold in flesh market.

After the police raid, these girls are sent to shelter homes and again these girls are taken by middleman posing as their parents or relatives. Then again these girls are sent to far distant places. India has already become a major source of these girls to be supplied to Arab Countries and more important than that our Bharatvarsha is already a trading centre for the girls from Bangladesh and Nepal. AIDS have terrified these assaults and they feel that it is safe to have sex with children rather than grown-up prostitutes.

In 1974, India made a national policy in this respect and declared all Children as National assets. As per section 372 of Indian Penal code, there is a provision of 10 years imprisonment. Later on recently, even death penalty statute was made. But once these children who are assaulted and proved,  their own parents refuse to accept them. In such circumstances how we can expect somebody to take the oath of trust and promote a shelter home.

One thing is common that these assaults are involved in this trade for few lakh rupees, who also enjoy the blessings and protection of powerful people. After every incidence, politics is played to the full extent. Lots of protests and rallies are taken by opposition parties who blame their own governments, be it PM or CM or a certain political party and raise slogans as an event managed professionals and conveniently the entire issue is buried in the annals of time in the wait of next such incidence.

But who is guilty and what are the circumstances and character of nature and what faults and responsibilities for such a filthy attitude of society. Let us start from 15th August 1947. India was declared as fully democratic, sovereign nation with full rights of Citizen to decide its customs, traditions, worship etc. Did our forefathers think that we shall behave in a responsible manner and surprisingly we went in some other wrong direction? We used to respect the womenfolk and our daughters, protected them. In the Indian constitution, no difference was made in males or females but that feeling of equality and respect reached to only 10-15% of the top layer of society in the last 70 years of freedom. In fact, sufficient provisions were not made for the safety, security of girl children right from the beginning little thinking that we shall act in a responsible manner.

Our modern education system which has been copied from the British designed system, forgetting the very basic fact, that the British education system was designed especially for Indians with a sole motto of keeping them slaves forever. Lord Macaulay was immensely successful in his motives. The education system today neglected the values education which drives all parameters from Hindu culture and traditions. Since our freedom was pseudo secular in nature, we allowed caring two hoots to our value system. But nobody imagined that we shall be stooping to such a low level of values of life that we shall treat a girl child as a consumer item.

Another assault on girl child came from technology which is offering on its platter, nude pictures, pornography in full scale and is available to all irrespective of age and gender.

The last and important causes of such a state are the spread of consumerism. A human body is a consumer item for multinational companies and therefore money is God. The definition of power has changed from respected and literate wise citizens to respect to money and powerful people. The power does not flow from information/education/intelligence but power flows from money alone. Every citizen is a customer and the practice of client/customer changed the social horizons completely where how to keep your client/customer happy is a question of life and death be it to surrender your value system arrange the girls for the pleasure of your client. In such an environment, all types of businessmen have a special cell in their organization whose sole objective is to keep happy the client, be it by wine or woman.

In the 174 nations, India included, in section 34 of the UN charter of Child rights agreements, it has been made very clear that Governments are responsible for the safety of children from sexual exploitation. Needless to say that this provision is existing in books only. Indian constitution also guarantees the protection, health, and education to its children, but it is a mare slogan only and neither our politicians nor our policymakers have any willpower to implement the provision of the constitution. So may bodies and Commissions are in existence for the protection of children but they are simply working a platform to launch our third-rate politicians and fourth rate beurocrats for giving them plum postings and other amenities at the cost of taxpayer money.

Should we close our eyes from realities or let us hope that Courts shall wake up for their duties and responsibilities towards children without any whitewash. All such culprits shall have to be prepared for strict punishment for their doings. The distorted minded people do not worry irrespective of so many rules and regulations, but these people make a joke of law and order and keep them above the Juvenile Justice act.

When all checks and balances are failing in this respect, the only hope is that society itself shall come to the street and demand strict punishment to these distorted minded people. The well has become poisonous totally; all atmospheres have become too political. Until and unless, we as an Indian Society takes care of our daughters of India irrespective of any religion or caste, the future of India is at a stake. Not only from moral degradation but also from political disintegration because such developments fuel the fire from within in a simmering fashion.

The final question is whether India lost its conscience, the power to discriminate what is right what is wrong. Certainly, we have lost our political conscience but as a society, our conscience is on deathbed taking its final and last breaths in a few years only.    

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