Gaalis (Abuses) to PM Modi

Gaalis (Abuses) To Modi

A new fashion emerged on the horizon of India, a horizon, which is not in the fashion streets of Paris but in the dusty lanes of India. This fashion has become a trend and a cult among the select gangs of pseudo seculars, pseudointellectuals, liberals (Libraandus), LGBT gang, Congressmen, urban Naxals,  freebooters (Divide Hindus Ecosystem-DHE in short) to design and deliver the choicest gaalis (Abuses in Hindi) to Prime Minister Modi. Do these gallis represent anger or frustration, of somebody in particular or wide spectrum of Indian society.

After 1857 – First war of Independence for Indians and the Great Mutiny for Britishers, Britishers realised that it would no longer be possible to rule and exploit Indian resources to make Britain rich and powerful and therefore it was thought and planned to give a minute share in power to Indian elites who were educated in Britain, having English manners and English attitudes in Indian looking dresses under the garb and falsehood to gives power back to Indians. These Indian elites were essentially British minded Indians only, devoid of all Indian ethos and culture barring few exceptions like Subhash Chandra Bose who saw through the British game. For this scheme to succeed, Congress was established in 1885 under A.O. Hume to provide a safety valve to give a vent to the suppressed and oppressed feelings of Indians.

Essentially the entire Indian freedom struggle was fought exactly as Great Britain designed with their handpicked leaders and Britain was immensely successful to design an arrangements with Indian leaders with two motives;

  1. Great Britain acted as if they were forced to agree to Indian terms.
  2. The Indian people at large put their trust and future totally in the hands of so-called Congress leaders.

A. When at the end of second world war and under the pressure of INA of Subhash Chandra Bose, when they realised that it would not make a good economics to rule India for them and it had become totally unaffordable of continuation of the British rule, Britishers transferred the power of India to Indians.

The Congress ruled India under the baton of British minded politicians, for 67 years from 1947 to 2014 except few interludes like, BJP rules in three spells  during 1998 to 2004. Therefore, Congress mindset consider India not as a nation but their personnel fiefdom.

When Mecauley introduced the so called modern education in India with twisted and tweaked History devoid of all the references to rich cultural traditions, Indians initially were kept in dark and they were totally blind to the British games, this British designed  edifice which was so strong that it took  67 years for India to realise that a nasty game has already been played by Congressi mind set, Indians saw the chinks in Congressi armour only in 2014 and that too Hindus got a slight jerk from their deep slumber with half eyes open. Hindus started to assert themselves which was not liked by DHE. Since they lost their voice therefore started to hurl the choicest gaalis to PM Modi.

B. The totally corrupt media in pure Congressi style was very powerful in Congress regime by doling fat packets to them by successive Congress Governments and Congress party, which were made unemployed by Modi since 2014, therefore on loosing their earning potential, the media made itself a Modi hater which is second set of people who throw the gaalis of all colours to Modi.

C. There are lot of confusions regarding a alien word i,e Nationalism. First of all, the definition of Nationalism has been so confused by pseudointellectuals deliberately so that Indian could never understand the meaning and intent of it. While the concept of Bharatmata was made an integral part of Nationalism, though remaining a miniscule part of Nationalism. The imagery of Bharatmata was created to develop an integral bond with a special geographical area which Hindus call  Bharatvarsha where Hinduism was born, graduated, developed to a full fledged way of life which would be named a more appropriate concept of Sanatan Dharma. In fact there is no concept of Hinduism and Hindus name which was given to the people on the east of River Sindhu. Since Arabs were having difficulty in pronouncing Sindhu, therefore Arabs coined a word Hindus as a replacement of Sindhus and Hinduism.  In order to integrate the Hindus to the mainland, the concept of Bharatmata  was coined by our greatest thinkers and social scientists which is very old established idea since last about 6000 years when, the name Bharat was given after King Bharat, the son of Dushyant and Shakuntala about which various tales of bravery were written that as a child, Bharat used to count the teeth of a lion. The name of Bharat was given to a geographical area south of Himalyas ranging from Persian gulf to east including modern Malaysia, Indonesia and Baali. The concept of Bharatmata was an extension of Bharat in a solid imagery form which is not very old concept in modern History. The image of Bhāratmātā was imagined and formed with the Indian independence movement of the late 19th century. A drama/play by Kiran Chandra Bannerjee, Bhārat Mātā, was first performed in 1873. The play, set during the 1770 Bengal famine, show a woman and her husband who go to the forest and encounter rebels. A priest takes them to a temple where they are shown the Bharat Mata. Thus, they are inspired and lead a rebellion which results in the defeat of the British. In 1930s, the image entered in religious practice. The Bharat Mata temple was built in Benaras in 1936 by Shiv Prashad Gupt and was inaugurated by Mahatma Gandhi.  Bipin Chandra Pal elaborated its meaning in idealizing and idealist terms, along with Hindu philosophical traditions and devotional practices.

The image of Bharatmata was an icon to create nationalist feeling in Indians during the freedom struggle. Sister Nivedita, an admirer of the painting, opined that the picture was refined and imaginative, with Bharatmata standing on green earth and blue sky behind her; feet with four lotuses, four arms meaning divine power; white halo and sincere eyes; and gifts Shiksha-Diksha-Anna-Bastra of the motherland to her children. Indian Independence activist Subramania Bharati saw Bharat Mata as the land of Ganga. He identified Bharat Mata as Parashakti. He also says that he has got the Darśana of Bharat Mata during his visit with his guru Sister Nivedita. In the time of Bharat, this piece of land was habituated by Hindus only therefore Bharat and Bharatvarsha was ingrained with Hindus and Hinduism.

Up to the attack of Mohammed Bin Kasim, this land mass Bharatvarsha was considered as land of Hindus but this attack changed the equation and a thinking had developed that this land is not invincible in spite of mountainous barrier of Himalayas. After this, the continuous Islamic rule of Islam for 800 years and British rule of 200 years, changed this equation  so much so the owners of this land was considered consisting of Muslims, Britishers and Hindus were relegated to second grade renters whose ancestry was questioned by Aryan invasio theory to justify the British rule. This concept was picked up by Indian pseudo seculars, pseudointellectuals, liberals (Libraandus), LGBT gang, Congressmen, urban Naxals and freebooters. Anybody who talked of Nationalism was labelled as anti modern unsuitable to exist in modern India. That is the precise reason that this gang often showers the choicest abuses (Gallis) to Modi.

D. Congress leaders who consider the India as their personal property to rule, are out of job since last 7 years, they lost the best opportunity to loot the India and its treasure are frustrated and feels rejected and dejected. They create various problems and several tool kits and in the moment of frustration, they hurl the abuses to Modi.

E. Since Hindus have started to wake up from deep slumber even with half eyes opened, this half eye was and is sufficient to expose the  pseudo secular gangs who feel themselves naked, are very angry on BJP and specially Modi and what a better way to vent their anger by abusing Modi by selecting Modi, his personal life, comments on his home state and his mother, his profession as chaiwala though Modi considers as his asset due to the fact that ordinary public equates an ordinary chaiwala to the Congress empress and her fortune, its billionaire leaders.

G. Indian public and specially Hindus venerate Sanyasis who work and serve the society with nil self interest and therefore Modi is placed as Sanyasi and most of the Hindus still respect the honesty in public dealing and one must appreciate Modi that at least he has been able to create such image for himself. Therefore, his critic and opponent present to him the various colourful abuses.

To abuse Modi even on his personal life has already become a fashion in the circles of pseudointellectuals and Libraandus little realising that voter public in general still like and values the concept of respect to an elder person and that too to the Prime Minister. These groups of pseudointellectuals and Libraandus are naïve in their thinking that they shall be able to turn the public opinion against their value systems and traditional way of thinking, high respect to their elders where elder brother is considered as father and younger brother as a son.

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