Coronavirus and OCD

I used to have so-called and so many bizarre habits in my good old days from the last 30 years. I was called and named as a Sanitation freak and was declared as a  serious patient of OCD, Obsessive Compulsion Disorder for stressing of personal hygiene for self and other family members. My then obsession has already become a regular habit of entire world people because of COVID infection. My wife curses me and my daughter fires me, brandishes me as if I am the only responsible guy for bringing the superpowers to its knees opposite to CORONA onslaught.

Bizarre Habits 

  1. On stepping out from my home, and after wearing shoes, my value system used to take over my senses and dictated me to wash my hands since I touched the leather item which is not only coming from violent methods of desk-innings dead animal but also likely to house dust and pathogens. If there is no facility of hands washing at least always sanitized my hands from on shoe rack top-placed liquid sanitizer. Besides my wife, my neighbour also laughed at me. I simply waited and bought time for a reverse attack.
  2. While entering home and removing shoes, the same value system used to kick me that after touching leather which is not considered pure, I have been rushing to washbasin for hand wash preferably from antiseptic soap. The entry in the house with a shoe on was strictly prohibited even in case of non-leather shoes or sandals. This was and is a practice in all Indian homes from two reasons i.e, coronavirus | myviewsmydrishtioutside footwear was and are considered having a lot of disease-causing bacteria and pathogens and secondly our Indian homes were considered as a temple with pure thoughts. My family members used to cut jokes and my relatives used to treat me as an old-fashioned joker who is still sticking to old traditions which are treated as backward in the background of Macauley designed education system
  3. Currently, my family members are silent and silently washing their own hands not once but at least 7-8 times a day on the advice of Govt, Amitabh Bachhan and other Doctors and specialists and from media experts. Certainly, my practices have been vindicated by everybody even including modern yuppie generation and cool dudes. I was and am not alone to practice such habits but practically all my generation members were and are adopting these practices. Their views also stand vindicated.

Pure thoughts

One old practice was to wash their feet immediately after entering into the home compound and then enter the proper home, the reason was same to refuse the entry of pathogens into the home but an entry with pure thoughts. These pure thoughts were treated basing on ethical, moral values founded on social and religious factors. Since modern generation considers Hinduism as a taboo, therefore, they left these practices. It is a most interesting and strange that all religious practices except Hinduism are treated as freedom of expression and freedom of religion. The pure thoughts once entering into a home used to be converted into positive energy thus binding the family in a strong bond which affected society and Nation as a whole.

This ancient practices of pure sanitation have been converted into chemical sanitizers which have their ill effects on human skin. There is no surprise that in covid19 | myviewsmydrishtimodern COVID-19 times, Dettol has disappeared from the market due to heavy demands.

The other practice which I was following religiously that any suitcase or luggage either by Train or by air, should be sanitized before entry is allowed in my home. I am having a pressurised atomiser filled with a disinfectant solution which is sprayed on this luggage. This was too freaky and my relatives made me a butt of the joke. No effect on me since I think that the repercussion on anybody health shall be too costly than a small effort on my part. Should I change my conviction just because my relatives laugh at me?

Certainly not, because I do not know when in future an unknown virus shall be claimed as to luggage and suitcase friendly which may prove to be pandemic and the entire world shall quote my practice to label me as a great visionary having clairvoyant powers to look in the future or as a freak case, I may even win a Noble prize in the field of sanitation.

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