The entire world is suffering from Corona, exported by China to roughly all the countries of all the continents. As on date, there are about 7 Lacs+ CORONA patients and about 1.5 Lacs deaths if we trust the figures as given by China as true. The self-claimed insiders declared openly that China is hiding its death figures which itself runs in few lacs. The World population is having a lot of fears of worst moments for their own lives and their family members lives. Somewhere for example, in India, this crisis offered an opportunity to serve the society and country most selflessly but it also turned the people into the selfish attitude in so-called developed western countries.

All the superpowers who were taking pride in their technological advancements and their stockpile of arms are kneeling on their knees and begging for mercy from an invisible virus for which there is no possible treatment. India, on the other hand, took advance action of testings, containments and lockdowns, by and large, has been successful to limit the damage either in terms of total cases, numbers of treated patients and numbers of deaths. Keeping in view its about 132 Crore population, these figures are nothing but short of magic. There is a surge to enrol the CoronaVirus volunteers which totals about 1.20 Crores which gives a glimmer of hope. Various religious organizations are preparing and distributing daily foods to the multitudes of people. Various social organizations have also jumped to their capacity to distribute the daily needs and ration to labour, destitute and poor segments of Indian population which exemplify the dictum by the philosophy of Daridra Narayan i,e the strength of society can be measured how best you can treat the poor.

All religious places, temples, mosques and churches are closed and people by large are obeying the instructions of Government. People especially Indians were highly optimistic about future and certitude of life because largely people of India were and are an ethical, spiritual and firm believer in principles of karma in which they get in their lives either pleasures or pains as a result of their deeds I,e karma. For them the Justice of God is supreme and in troubled times, Indians especially Hindus accept their destiny without any accusations or blame somebody. This attitude has developed a mortal view about anything i,e all events including birth and death which dictates that everything including the human body is destructible and mortal and there is nothing like immortal. Even after this attitude, Indians enjoy their life knowing fully well the destructible nature of life and they are having the certainty of life fully imbibing the mortality values.

COVID-19 Perception

CORONA or COVID-19 demolished the edifice of certainty of life among all humanity of globe and badly hit the attitude towards life to all Indians including all faiths. This change is perceptible in all world population with one major difference which separates them from Indians especially Hindus. Indians were and are not materialistic in comparison to other nations which comes out from spiritual values of Indians which gives them a peace of mind and a certain amount of certainty of life even though they believe fully in the mortality principles. The mental and psychological conditions of other nations differ widely in this respect since they keep their total trust in the materialistic view of life as if everything that nature provides is for their carnal pleasure and if life is to be enjoyed fully then the only route available is consuming at a rate irrespective of the fact that nature sustains that consumption rate or not. For westerners, nature is to be exploited, all-natural resources are to be consumed without bothering whether they are leaving anything for future generations or not. The more glaring example is that freshwater essential for life has become an item of pleasure in western culture and also in Macauley designed and Macauley educated India. The westerners keep themselves free from any ethical, moral and spiritual bondage.
COVID-19 has changed this perception even in limited lockdowns world over and this change in thinking pattern and lifestyle has been a permanent feature which shall have far-reaching consequences on the world economy and in all phases of life. The post CORONA world shall never be the same again. The pre-CORONA and post-CORONA shall be different from the changing attitude of the impermanence of all physical matter including the human body.


World population suffered badly by CORONA by nos of cases and consequential deaths watching helplessly since there appears no treatment available and therefore survival has become a big question mark. In this state of mind, therefore it is quite natural that people developed a lot of uncertainties regarding life, longevity and deaths as a resultant extract from this crisis. All ego of invincibility fell flat on the ground with sounds of loud thuds.

Uncertainty no-1

Inert or Live

The CORONA virus lives or dead material. The medical fraternity says that it is the combination set of few proteins but other group says something else that it is the live material due to the basic understanding that a lifeless piece can not sustain for so long in an open environment on any surface. The first group of Doctors say that once this lifeless piece of virus enters into the body, it comes to life and the carrier falls sick. However, the second group argues that an inert material can not damage the human body in a major way and how a lifeless material can come to life inside a human body, nobody can say with certainty.

Uncertainty no-2

Origin of virus

Where the virus originated in China or some other country. Most of the people say that CORONA virus originated from China, but some opine that it is from Canada aided Laboratory. It is not confirmed whether CORONA is from Wuhan Virology Institute or Animal food market, Wuhan, China which is situated mysteriously within stone throw distance from Wuhan Virology Institute. From the recently deleted files/details/photos from a Chinese website, conspiracy theorist argues that China has already developed very dangerous viruses as a tool of bio-warfare and because of the faulty storage system, CORONA virus leaked. Some people say that while developing this virus, it got accidentally leaked to one staff who got infected and spread it to other medical staff. Various people are conjecturing on this issue, but the biggest causality is the certainty of life.

Uncertainty no-3

Who is responsible for Coronavirus


Various doubts have been created, theories propounded by all hues of politicians, strategists and conspiracy theorist. Nobody can say with certainty whether it is accidental leakage or a deliberate attempt as a tool of bio-warfare. In both cases, China can be stated as mainly responsible. Some say that US aid was funding this Institute or some say that Chinese Scientists who were working in Canadian Institute, got developed CORONA virus in the association of Canadian Scientists and smuggled it to China. There is complete confusion and all are dark in settling the biggest issue as who is responsible for this pandemic which has engulfed the whole of the globe.

Uncertainty no-4

Motives behind CORONA

What were the motivating factors behind the creation/spread of this virus? Initially, China objected to the use of the term ” Chinese Virus” and later on objected to the use of the term as ” Wuhan Virus”. There is the highest degree of confusion whether it was an accidental leakage from a scientific experiment or as a deliberate creation of this virus as a weapon of BIO- WARFARE. This aspect is not being cleared once for all by any side or by any corner of China. Why they do not want to clear all doubts and to put all the questions at rest. China is having great difficulty in either explanation since each clarification will create many hundred questions. The water after each explanation shall be muddier than what was before. If it was an experiment who and why started this experiment and what were the motives. Perhaps these questions shall never be answered by China until and unless China cooperates with third party impartial enquiry which remains a distant dream.

Uncertainty no-5

How does the coronavirus disease spread?

The time when China realised that man to man infection is possible is an important factor to determine. This determination of this time is highly improbable in the light of facts that China shall never reveal it the entire world was kept in dark, Simultaneously China organised Military sports which were participated by many Western countries army personnel unaware of the fact that they might be held responsible for transporting this virus to the west and infecting the whole of continents. Not only that, but China also allowed free travel possibly consisting of various infected travellers. China also kept WHO in dark or WHO was managed very nicely. There are complete secrecy and uncertainty on this aspect.

Uncertainty no-6

COVID-19 spread mechanism

How the infection spreads, various versions have appeared on the horizon. People are not fully convinced whether it spreads by droplets or by airborne diseases. WHO is changing its stance several times. Every time it announces its spread mechanism with a lot of ifs and buts and every time the uncertainty increases. Nobody is emphatic in its statement, and therefore the confusion persists and therefore the doubt increases. Even if we agree that it spreads by droplets from mouth or nose in case of cough and sneezing, the virus life in various surfaces is highly uncertain and therefore we are not in a position so that we could quote any authority, the so-called authorities cannot be faulted since they are experiencing it for the first time. There is complete cacophony in so-called experts and medical fraternity.

Uncertainty no-7

Safety mechanism for CoronaVirus

A lot of tongues of medical experts are suggesting various preventive measures like masks, washing of hands several times, training of hands not to touch the face and avoiding crowds and gatherings and homestay. Practically all the countries are adopting lockdowns. Whether by adopting these measures, can one assure himself that he will not be infected and therefore completely safe. At this point, medical experts and medical professionals attach several conditions, ifs and buts which brings complete uncertainty about the survival. The various conditions being attached are, Aged people more than 60 years of age, already having other ailments, like diabetes, heart problem, blood pressure etc. Nobody knows the complete list of risks who are more prone and probable to get an infection. Here again, there is an element of chance and probability. If that is so then Indians and especially Hindus immediately fall back on the issue of fate who take the most likeable route of luck and fate by making the statement that we must take all precautions and even after that, if we get an infection then that is pure luck and fate. This dependence on fate has already shattered the edifice of certainty about life which shall result in a complete change of view regarding life and death.

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Uncertainty no-8

CoronaVirus Treatment

All people agree on this point that at present there is no treatment available for this virus infection. Various preventive measures have been suggested by medical experts like hot water drinking and hot water gargling. On this issue, there is complete uncertainty. Few people argue that it shall evaporate like SARS and MERS in a couple of months while others argue that this problem shall continue till a vaccine is developed. There is complete noise as to what is the progress of vaccine development. While one article shows the achievement of Oxford University while others trumpet the gains of Indian and Israel scientists. Some news item shows 40 institutions and other source enlist 80 institutions are working on the development of the vaccine. Recently Ayurveda/Homeopathy also claimed that they have treatment for CORONA. Therefor complete uncertainty on this issue also.

A complete change in post-CORONA Psychology

The complete change in psychology and thinking pattern is anticipated if compared between pre-CORONA and post CORONA phases of life of an individual, society and country. If people find a complete uncertainty regarding survival, life and death which shall shake up all the social barriers which shall have far-reaching consequences. Here few are listed;

Change No 1.

Life is temporary

As a social change, people shall think that life is temporary and nothing is permanent, therefore the brief life can be given a rest without any mental undulations, the thoughts of change shall come to rest. People shall start enjoying family life more than materialistic pleasure. This feeling shall open all communication channels with family members, relatives, friends, associates and co-workers. The world shall be a quitter and all shall strive to unlock the knots of relationships.

Change No 2.

Simple life

In post CORONA period, people shall turn to a more simple life with a minimalist view and a strong feeling of detachments shall prevail. If every moment of life is uncertain then why not to enjoy the life without and any attachment to materialistic pleasures and so therefor, non-accumulation of materials in physical form. Greed is anticipated to reduce to a large extent. The demand for pleasure and comfort materials shall reduce to a large extent.

Change No 3.

Hurry and worry

People shall realise the importance of every moment of life and shall have a thinking pattern that if life itself is highly uncertain than they shall like to enjoy every moment of life in the company of their family members rather than worry about future which always remains doubtful. People shall like to earn to meet the basic survival needs and nothing more therefor the premium of lifestyle shall evaporate completely.

Change No 4.

Hurry to reach office.

When the need for money is reduced, then why drive to the office and instead take public transport and reach office without any traffic headaches. More and more people shall work from home even in those professions which are considered hitherto as the physical presence is essential by developing more and more home-based applications.

Change No 5.

Concept of Employment

The concept of employment shall change completely. There shall be a bare minimum necessity of rostered employees and most of the work shall be contracted to individual experts on a job work basis.

Change No 6.

Avoiding Unnecessary travels.

In an environment of Work from home, video conferencing, special applications, the need of travel shall greatly reduce and employees and employers both would discourage the unnecessary travels and instead people shall enjoy their family life in a most congenial atmosphere. Also, the attraction of tourism shall reduce greatly since every moment of travel will be considered a risk in all modes of transport and hotels.

The world has changed completely in pre-CORONA and Post CORONA phases and we can identify the various change parameters in both these phases which are enumerated below;

Since the modern economy is totally demand-based, therefore this economy shall change completely in the phase of greatly reduced demands from society and its consumers.

On downslide

Due to lifestyle changes and thanking pattern changes, these following industries are bound to hit the bottom;
Jobs, Supply- Chain, Automotive, Cinema, Logistics, Local Transport, Restaurants, Luxury Products, Live sports, Real Estates, Oil and Gas, Construction, Film Industry, Events and Conferences, Tech Gadgets, Fintech Investments, Retail, Travel, Tourism, Hospitality.

On upslide

Due to attitude changes and thanking pattern changes, these following industries are bound to hit the upward swing; Digital products, Mental health, Alternative Energy, Insurance, Alternate Medicine, Gaming, Affiliate Marketing, Network marketing, Data Science, Spiritual Sciences, Job work opportunities, Stock Markets, Online coaching and online training.

Let us think positively and work from a positive note that Lockdowns is a Golden opportunity to write off our old skills and acquire a new set of skills to suit the changing environment in post CORONA times.

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