In the last month, an eight year old girl was raped and assaulted by 20 years old, two boys in Mandsaur, Madhya Pradesh. This incidence led to a massive outrage with thousands thronging to the streets demanding the justice to the minor girl. The City was awash with slogans by protesters. The horrific rape of a minor girl shocked India again. Thousands of people were out on the streets of Mandsaur as the news of brutality faced by girl reached them. Women and Children joined the protest and demanded justice, as social media joined to express angst on this heinous crime.

First parent of the girl thought that the girl might have gone to the relatives home but after waiting for 3-4 hours, they reported matter of disappearance of their daughter to Police and lodged a FIR. Police swung into action and immediately admitted girl into Hospital. The team of doctors examined her closely and found that in her private part; a wooden rod was inserted after raping her repeatedly reminding them the Delhi Nirbhaya case. The girl private part and intestine ruptured, pelvic and chest bones were broken and girl was unconscious when brought to Hospital. She was given the treatment without losing time.

Police started the search of culprits almost immediately. The help of CCTV cameras were taken but found lot of them defunct and did not provide any clue. But after seeing all the CCTV available footages, they observed that in one of the footage, a boy was seen wearing a wrist band and NIKE shoes. Police was clueless yet therefore the same photo was flashed on social media. One source “Mukhbir” told the police the next day that this boy may be belonging to the Muslim community and his whereabouts and hideouts. Police arrested the first culprit who was wearing the same wrist band and same NIKE shoes. After some grilling, he admitted his crime and told the whereabouts of another culprit who was also nabbed. Both these boys were from Muslim Community.

In whole of the Madhya Pradesh and other parts of country, the atmosphere was charged by staging mass protest and rallies/procession of the size Madhya Pradesh had never seen. All the people were demanding by showing the placards, the capital punishment to the culprits in a shortest possible time. It was a surprise and indication of composite culture of India, that some Muslim Organizations also staged procession and demanded the capital punishment to the culprits. One Muslim organization stated that the bodies of culprits shall not be allowed to be buried in Muslim grave yards.

This action and response of Muslim community was praiseworthy and their hearts also shaken up from this ghastly act by members of their own community. Thus the social tensions were avoided and all community people condemned this incidence indicating that people still believed in the great Indian tradition of love and harmony.

This scenario was not acceptable to a section of political class. How an incidence like this can be left like this without any political mileage. Some politicians, Congress agents, pseudo seculars, pseudo intellectuals, leftists and communists jumped in the fray whose target is not to solve the problem or condemn the incidence, but their goal seemed to unseat Modi from the PM throne. In all this hulao bulao, media played very important role.

Now these interest parties were aghast to this communal harmony of Madhya Pradesh and they devised a plan to conflagrate the whole issue by;

  • Condemning the MP Govt for bad law and order.
  • Blame the NDA central government.
  • Link Mob lynching to this incidence.
  • Blame Modi, because Modi is intolerant, therefore such incidences are happening.
  • Defeat Modi in 2019 election.
  • Never condemn this Mandsaur incidence as to show themselves as Muslim sympathizer.

The pseudo secular reporters, pseudo secular intellectuals and front line media were facing the big dilemma since if they show it and make a noise, they shall loose the Muslim and leftist sympathy and shall paint themselves as Hindu supporters. And if they ignore this incidence, they shall never get a chance like this to show themselves major pseudo secular Muslim supporters. Some Media channels inserted one liner in a tone as if this incidence does not carry any importance and not having any social bearing on Indian people. No media channel offered this news in detail, no debates, no group discussions, no hulla gulla anticipating that their secular credentials shall be in jeopardy since both accused were members of minority community. These media channels were in fix and disturbed that they are not able to show their solidarity with minority community and in this process exhibit their anti Hindu stance. After all anti Hindu is considered a sign of progressive total secularism.

In such a time of tension and agony of our media channels, Burari case happened and Lo and Behold, media wishes were granted by Almighty. Now media channels thought and took it as a Godsend opportunity to hone and show their journalistic brilliance. This news of suicides of 11 family members was projected in a multidimensional beauty. Lots of talk shows arranged to arrive at a conclusion whether it was a suicide or murder case. Lots of debates were arranged both in Hindi and English to find out why 11 steel pipes were fixed in a wall. Full 3 dimensional TV coverage was shown on roughly all corners of concerned houses, how their bodies hanged, how bodies were taken for autopsy. Their relations and shopkeepers from where they used to purchase provisions were interviewed. As usual their near and dear ones were sourced out and introduced to the world as if each TV reporter is nothing less than the father of Alfred Hitchcock. There was a competition in media channels to show how much they are proficient in any type of investigation to find out the cause of suicides and if that is a murder then objectives of murder and who was murderer.

This news was made out to be national debate that it covered the entire news of Mandsaur, people started to forget the ghastly rape of eight year old girl and sitting in the comforts of their air conditioned rooms, reclining on sofa sets, people enjoyed the news of Burari in the same way as they enjoyed the news of Mandsaur rape case.

Thus Media and politicians were successful in proving that Mandsaur rape case is not important than Burari, since Burari is a case of suicides of 11 family members. The suicides or murder of 11 family members was more sensational than a murderous rape of a child. After all how the Indian society frozen into their own mental frame, can even imagine the psychological trauma of the father of that 8 years old girl and how the society reacted to it.

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