Recently Minister of Railways-Indian Railways issued a statement that he got all problems from heritage. What is the length of time of heritage. Is it 3 years or 10 years or 20 years. Nobody can agree that heritage was prior to May 2014 only. Therefore, heritage according to MR can be divided in two parts; heritage prior to May 14 and heritage after May 14. It is also true that Heritage prior to May 14 was heavy in the sense that, most of the problems were gifted by UPA to NDA in Rail sector. But some portion of heritage will have to be shared after May 14 i,e by NDA govt. If MR is accusing heritage then he is accusing and blaming his own govt. Is it so. Public will judge and is judging his performance also.Every body gets heritage load from past at any given point of time good or bad. Nobody can behave in “MEETHA MEETHA GUPP KADWA KADWA THU”.

This is especially true in IR functioning. No doubt that all problems are long problems and therefore can not be solved in a short time. But certain problems can certainly be solved that is in a given time span of 1-2 years. What are those problems. There is a word in Sanskrit “VIVEK” which loosely means discretion by following all Dharma and Neeti at his command. Therefore, the grains to be separated from chaff. Who will do that. Certainly it is  Railway Officers at senior positions from whom Public can expect some contribution. Here lies the problem. Railway officers are themselves are busy in departmental feeling, ego boosting, extensions and their own transfers and postings. How we can expect Dharma and Neeti from such an bunch of officers who simply do not have these attributes. There is another dimension to the problem. Why we expect such Dharma and Neeti only from Railway Officers and why not from others. When entire bureaucracy barring few, is busy in their own bugle blowing and chest thumping, there is injustice towards Railway Officers that we are expecting too much from them.

After separating grain from chaff, the next challenge is how to filter low hanging fruits and urgent problems. Railway Officers whose duty is to guide MR, themselves are confused between what is important; what is urgent and what is low hanging fruits; what are short term solutions up to May 2019 and what are long term solution  beyond May 2019.

Therefore what is the easiest thing to be done,”KEEP MR IN DARK”

Until and unless these issues are addressed, no positive improvement is possible.

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