A Corrupted Blood

The Telangana Govt is running its show from a very prized location and sufficient facilities are available near Hussain sagar.

Suddenly some brain wave generated in the minds of some politicians and they decided that the Sects should be relocated to Parade ground. The repercussions shall be quite serious.

1. The plot shall be snatched from Army.
2. The Army shall not be able to hold its functions.
3. Where the govt shall hold its functions of 26th Jan and 15th Aug.
4. The Parade ground area shall the worst vehicle parking problems.
5. The people are starving and govt shall spend few hundred crores.
6. The open space shall be converted into concrete jungle.

What use it shall make of present sect. The grape wine is that the present sect shall be demolished and converted to polo ground.

Why govt is taking such steps just for generating several high value contracts and few souls shall draw the pleasure of Polo at the cost of millions poor people. But the tragedy is the same people shall vote to the same party and same politicians again.

Prey to Lord Ganesha to give some intellects to our politicians.

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