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Dead Bodies Mathematics | My views My Drishti

Dead Bodies Mathematics


Indian people 1300 millions in number have suddenly developed keen interest in mathematics not an advanced version but elementary one i.e. how to count and that too dead bodies. This interest is about peculiar query as how to develop various methodologies in counting the dead bodies of Pakistani terrorists in an Indian Air strike on their training camps at Balakot. Various shades of Political Mathematicians have devised the new methods of counting the dead bodies, doubted and questioned the same mathematics and methods of ruling party.


At the time of Uri attack, the Central Govt was criticized for intelligence failure and for defense failure for not protecting the defense establishments. Here Defense forces were saved and entire blame was decorated on the head of Central Government and special head of PM Modi was decorated with all blemish game. After stoic silence by Govt and normal rhetoric by opposition parties, Defense forces hit the terrorist camps with surgical strike.  BJP political graph undertook upward swing and Opposition parties led by Congress immediately named it as fake. Congress could not trust Defense forces claim, Defense forces spokesman, Press conferences, Govt spokesman, Govt press conferences, Minister of Defense and ultimately PM Modi who tried to put the entire credit to Defense forces initially but then started to take credit to BJP. Congress blamed the Govt and particularly Modi for this fake news and demanded the proof of surgical strike. The release of full details of action was not made and rightly so, being sensitive information, some details and photographs were not sufficient to satisfy Congress. The entire episode of surgical strike was categorized as totally fake with the same objectives of political vendetta toward Modi and BJP. In this process, the image and sincerity of Indian armed forces took a serious drubbing to sacrifice the few left over fiber of Nationalistic fervor. The ordinary Citizen was dumbfounded and in this process the image of Indian Army, the ultimate protector got dented.


After few months, a Hindi film was released by Mumbai film industry which was claimed as a piece of fiction, but it was based on the real incident of surgical strike. This film was hugely successful on four accounts;

  1. Indians realized that this film was exact replica of real incident, frame by frame.
  2. It evoked the patriotic fervor in Indians which was made, such patriotic film after so many years.
  3. It created the impression of decimation of Pakistan, which is a longest serving dream in most of the Indians which every Indians desired to turn into reality of complete destruction of Eveready enemy of country which was further fuelled by routine receipts of Tiranga wrapped wooden coffins of martyrs.
  4. It provided the opportunity and cause of unity of Indians, which was forgotten into the quagmire of politics, caste, farmer issues and religion.


The dust could not settle on Rafael issue, a creation of 47 years old Yuva Hardaya Samrat whose religion and education is full of doubts on whom, some people trust to the hilt. As we Indians were waiting to happen, Pulwama incident happened in which a Maruti Eco laden with explosives dashed against a CRPF Bus convoy in which several Buses thrashed into pieces in split seconds and we lost about 50 brave CRPF Jawans. This news was shown on all National and International Media with photographs, video and other graphic details. This news was bisected and discussed in every possible details by all possible combinations of experts, security personnel and politicians. The Tiranga wrapped coffins were shown to be arrived at Delhi Airport on 16th Feb 2019. The wailing members of aggrieved families were shown on screens and in this process, national sympathy aroused. The creation of revenge taking of Indians were bound to occur naturally and a demand was raised from all nook and corners of India for a strong revenge on Pakistan which was increased multifold by political demand by all political parties to take on Pakistan by a suitable reply. The War hysteria of Indians started very naturally. This hysteria got compounded further by PM Modi taking rounds of dead bodies of CRPF Jawans at Delhi Airport. The demand of revenge was strong even by Opposition parties including Congress and PM Modi was accused of taking this as a routine incident in the hope that Nation shall forget this also like so many incidents  in Congress regime.


Came 26th Feb 2019 when entire nation woke up with the news of Airstrike on Balakot terrorist camps of JEM and practically all Indians glued to their TV sets to watch the every possible details of Airstrike,i.e Indian Airforce 12 fighter planes intruded into POK and Pakistan border by 70-80 kms and bombed various Training camps at Balakot in Khyber Pakhtoonva province of Pakistan in which about 400 terrorists were claimed to be dead. Indians took a sigh of relief that ultimately revenge was taken from Pakistan and punished her for atrocious attacks and terrorism acts in various parts of country. In the time of jubilations, NDA govt called an All party meeting to detail and share all details and to take them into confidence to give the impression to take whole of India to a single direction. All party gave their best presentation by carefully choosen words to give an impression as if whole of the nation is standing in one formation. At the same time, some political observer doubted this unity and expressed a view that the same parties shall start abusing Modi after 2-3 days. And lo and behold the exactly same thing happened and after two days only the truth of Airstrike was doubted on three accounts;

  1. The Indian Airforce Pilots bombed another Balakot very near to LOC.
  2. IAF pilots bombed the forests only in which few trees only damaged.
  3. Indian Govt is not telling the exact nos of deads to the accuracy of decimal.

The main attack came from Congress who even went on to show sympathy with Pakistan. Some of the leaders made statements like this;


Digvijay Singh- War is not a solution and Pakistan to be treated with sympathy.

Kapil Sibal      – NDA Govt should come out with exact nos of dead terrorists.

Navjot Siddhu-IAF planes could not damage any camps but only few trees could be damaged.


This was quite natural for Congress and other opposition parties since PM Modi started to encash the Airstrike in all his political speeches before cheering Indians on Modi body language  which had given shape to Indians suppressed feeling of revenge. Congress led opposition camps considered this as a political advantages to BJP in a general election year 2019. They started to accuse Modi for political advantage but in this cacophony, Congress forgot completely that late Indira Gandhi took the huge political advantage of 1972 Bangladesh war and won about 400 seats in general elections. All hell broke loose and all even small members of small opposition party demanded the clarification from Central NDA Govt regarding numbers of dead and practically all doubted the basic premise of Airstrike itself and asked for proofs of Airstrike. All opposition party lost trust on Govt spokesperson, Some media reports, Govt Ministers and lastly PM Modi.

They also lost trust in Defense forces spokesperson, Press conferences, IAF Media interactions, IAF Chief but kept on their parrot song on the numbers of dead bodies. In the end NTRO had to appear on the scene to claim that at the time of Airstrike about 400 nos of Mobile phones were active. In this process Pakistan and all enemies got to know the capabilities of NTRO so that they could be more careful in future. In present times everything is possible for example, a person claimed to be resident of Balakot in their traditional dress and make up was filmed by trick photography in some studio and a news was flashed in some TV channel that this person, original habitant of Balakot claimed that nothing happened in Balakot. Certainly few people think that Indians can be taken for granted. These opposition parties doubted everybody, all ruling party cadre and Ministers, BJP and ultimately PM Modi. They lost the trust on all authorities of Defense forces and in this process lost themselves the trust of Indian people. For an ordinary Indian, still, the Defense forces credibility cannot be questioned since coffins cannot be doubted and questioned. Anybody who doubts the sincerity of our defense forces, he owes an explanation to Indians.


All Opposion party led by Congress started to question the numbers of dead. Why so much interest in that number and why that number is so important and vital. Whether,100 killed or 400 killed how does it make any difference. Any number even by Intelligence agencies is only a rough guesswork. In ideal situations Opposition parties should demand that before any such strike in future, the head counts should be arranged. A complete utter non sense.


Indian Army has highest place in our democracy and protector of Constitution and protector of our borders. We can talk freely, act freely and living in a democratic set up till we are sure that our defense forces are guarding us and if some people start doubting our defense forces, that that is the most heinous crime.


In one speech PM Modi referred to Rafael in the sense that had India used Rafael in Airstrike, a complete different result would have come. All hues of Political opponents suddenly became Rafale experts and claimed more knowledge than best Avoinics wizards. Even Mayawati whose knowledge does not extend beyond elephants is lecturing on Rafale fighter planes.


Indian nation is now a day’s busy in the complete cacophony of election related issues; Airstrikes and doubts on Armed forces, Modi persona, Congress dream of formation of Central Govt and it shall continue till election results and oath taking ceremony of next PM. It shall continue or discontinue based on election results.


The political attack is on the credibility of Armed forces which in turn converts to NDA opposion, fear of BJP and Modi in that order. Political parties shall come and go but our ethos of Armed forces shall continue which represents all 130 Crore Indians. If Opposition party doubt our Armed forces, they doubt all Nationalists, 130 Crores Indians since all Indians are having the basic element of Nationalistic color and blood flowing in their veins.


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