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Indian Politics – Story of Half Truths

Half truth techniques

Indian Politics- Story of Half Truths

deceptive statement is a half-truth which includes some element of truth. This statement might be partly true, or it may be totally true but only part of the whole truth. The percentage share of whole truth may vary from 0.001% to 99.99 %. The same mathematics applies in falsehood also which means that falsehood may also vary from 0.001% to 99.99%. One may tempt to conclude that truth and falsehood may complement each other. Some deceptive element, such as improper punctuation, or double meaning, especially if the intent is to deceive, evadeblame or misrepresent the truth may be used to cover the part truth or whole of the truth.

For example take the case of Monica Lewinsky in which, Former U.S. President Bill Clinton famously engaged in a classical half-truth when he gave the testimony of “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.” In this case he engaged in an equivocation fallacy to deliberately indicate one particular meaning of the phrase “sexual relations”, while intending another meaning, in order to mislead the court deliberately while still being able to later claim that “my statements were technically correct.”

In Indian conditions this technique is widely used due to the fact that Emotional quotient and Emotional stability of Indians is very low. Also if a seasoning of religion is applied on the political food, then certainly Indian scene becomes very interesting. If we start the Indian Saga from the days of Great Martyr Bhagat Singh, then why Congress battery of lawyer had not come forward to provide legal support. The shroud of mystery is intact in case of disappearance of Subhash Chandra Bose in spite of many investigations and every time a heady mixture of half truth was spoken and concluded. The flight details from Singapore up to Taipe are truly investigated and are totally true but what happened after Taipe is having various versions. At that time,  Indian Government mixed the Truth and lie with such fineness that only half truth came out, the balance portion of events have been proved and shown to suit the particular political dispensation of the then Indian Government. The relationships of Defense Minister Menon conduct in case of India defeat in 1962 and overt trust of Pt Nehru on Chinese motives is a classic case of half truth. Indians were not allowed to know the real truth which further complicated by making the report of Bhagat and Henderson on 1962 debacle as top secret.

This nature of half truth was and is being used by all political parties of the world in all countries in smaller or larger proportions. Especially when projecting the achievement of Government in power and to criticize the opponents. This is particularly true when projection turns to propaganda which can never be founded either on total truth or a total lie. Some amount of truth is necessary to take public into confidence which can be proved and can be seen based on observation and facts. The total lie propaganda will fall flat on its face and public shall understand this gimmick in no time especially in modern time of information technology. For example in case of Hitler propaganda Minister Goebbels words,”Even if a lie is spoken 100 times, it shall be seen as true”. This was possible only in those times where pro Hitler sentiments were at peak under the garb of superior Aryan and German race. In modern times in Germany itself Goebbels would have thrown out of the Windows.

The half-truth is having a purpose and or consequence which is to make something that is really only a belief appear to be knowledge, or a truthful statement to represent the whole truth, or possibly lead to a false conclusion. According to the justified true belief theory of knowledge, in order to know that a given proposition is true, one must not only believe in the relevant true proposition, but one must also have a good reason for doing so. A half-truth deceives the recipient by presenting something believable and using those aspects of the statement that can be shown to be true as good reason to believe the statement is true in its entirety, or that the statement represents the whole truth. A person deceived by a half-truth considers the proposition to be knowledge and acts accordingly.

The first Scandal of India “Jeep Scandal” surfaced even after few years of Independent India, never investigated fully and only half truth was spoken in the form of resignation of Finance Minister Shri T T Krishnamchari. Then came death of Lal Bahadur Shastri the reasons never fully revealed especially when the next incumbent to PM chair happened to be the daughter of first Prime Minister. Why Sikh struggle started and who gave patronage to these armed revolutions, again the half truth was shown as full truth. In the time of Rajiv Gandhi, Bofors scandal surfaced and again and again financial scandals surfaced during UPA 10 years rule when new units of corruption like, one Madhu Koda is equal to one thousand crore appeared in folklore. These cases cemented the very basic fact that Times has shown that Truth has one uncanny property that it shall burst into your own face in the most inconvenient times.

Half truth techniques are also used in the field of publicity and advertisements where facts and fictions are so mixed that the spoken or written words appear to be bare facts straight from the time tested Hindu principle of “SatyaMev Jayate”. The lies or fiction are covered under the shroud of colored full page advertisements with graphics of smiling politicians or using the film/sports personalities supporting these fictions. In modern times this art of telling lies are called endorsements or endorsing some products and telling to the public the half truth involving total white lies and using their public images in misguiding the public.

Is total truth or total fiction is possible. Yes it is possible but never used to lose the trust completely or to lose the market. If total truth is spoken, market share would be lost in the times of fierce competition and if total lies are spoken or written, trust and market shall be demolished by own competitors specially by using social sites.

Puffing technologies are being innovated on daily basis as to how to fool the public without coming to know. Such types of razzmatazz have not been seen in the entire history of mankind where money has been kept at the highest pedestal surpassing all moral values in life, forgetting what is right and what is wrong in a blind race to the highest state of materialism, the punishment of which yet to appear and when that would happen, complete mankind would be consigned to the doomsday disasters.

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