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Indian Elections – May 2014 – Myths Creation

Narendra Modi Manipulated Indian Elections 2014

Indian Elections – May 2014 – Myths Creation

The developments in May 2014, Indian General Elections took twists and many turns. It was not a mundane elections being fought at every five years or earlier, but a war fought between two ideas, India the country and its Country man, Indians. Many myths were broken and many more created in the run up. The normal rules of political game were twisted to such an extent that electorate were thoroughly confused between myth and reality.

 Essentially there were several reasons of Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) winning these elections, among them notables were:

 1. 10 years incumbency: If we leave short time schedules of VP Singh and Atal Bihari Vajpayee regimes, it was a continuous run by Indian National Congress only. The intermediate Central Government of Janta Party was run by ideals of Congress  which was a coalition of several Congress minded parties so much so Morarji Desai was quintessential a Congressman while Atal Bihari Vajpayee was also believing in Congress value system of accommodation and leadership, who also ran a coalition government. So, Morarji Desai and Atal Bihari Vajpayee could not implement their own agenda had they been in absolute majority. So if we trend and make a statement that right from Aug 1947, it was basically a Congress rule that would not be far from truth. In other words, the incumbency was not of 10 Years but it was an incumbency factor of 67 years, too long a period with some aberration.

2. Corruption Charges: If we treat famous Jeep scandal of 1961 as the first such financial scandal under Pt Nehru, than lot of rumors about the friendship of Dhirubhai Ambani and various Finance Ministers were whispered in the corridor of power and circulating among public. Also under Mrs. Gandhi, SBI scandal had picked up lot of steam, then under Rajiv Gandhi, Bofors scandal had become notoriously famous and to some extent his friendship with doubtful characters. Then came the 2014, and floodgates of corruption charges had opened, at least a smoke screen was created around Sonia Gandhi of Congress. Scandal after scandal erupted, some investigated, some not but at least Congress forte of patriotism got cracked down completely and replaced by serious corruption scandals under the tutelage of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. These case were naturally encashed by BJP and anti-Congress feelings were aired strongly.

3. Sonia Gandhi attempt to be PM: In May 2004, when elections were fought, BJP under the blunder of Shining India could not muster much support but created Anti BJP feelings and after consensus condition won the battle, Sonia Gandhi herself wanted to become Prime Minister, but her foreign stigma came in between and she grudgingly accepted the fait Accompli, nominated and projected another silent Prime Minister in the form of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Indian public watched this Drama silently who doubted that since Sonia Gandhi could not become Prime Minister, therefore something must be wrong with Congress.

4. Style of functioning of Sonia Gandhi: Since Sonia Gandhi could not become Prime Minister, she schemed another plan with Italian accuracy of GODFATHER. Sonia Gandhi created National Advisory Council being headed by her and controlled the Indian Government through proxy and directed the PM office. This style of functioning could not get liking from Indian public, since they thought that their Independence was snatched again by white race, India went back to pre-1947 period.

5. Dr. Manmohan Singh style: Indian people could not digest the show of feet touching practice of Dr. Manmohan Singh. Indians themselves may be weak but they always preferred their leader as an image of strength and conviction who can teach a lesson to India enemies. Dr. Manmohan Singh was a lame duck Prime Minister who abrogated his duties, rights, decorum and free thinking at the altar of Congress High Command, which interalia always meant as Sonia Gandhi.

6. BJP campaign style: Luckily BJP was having lot of communication experts who can directly talk and communicate with Indian Public. The basic reason was that most of the BJP leaders are coming from RSS background who catches the children at an early age and inhale in him the basic oratory skills in the form of weekly Boddhik programs in which all children are supposed to speak on any subject of his choice. Therefore basic Oratory skills are built in their blood. BJP armed with oratory skills attacked Congress in general and Sonia Gandhi in particular for all Corruption cases and being of foreign origin. Strongly and slowly encashed in projecting an image of Sonia Gandhi as a foreigner who looted the Country and taken 20-25 Lakh Crores to Italy and other foreign banks, who acted like British loot and saw in her another design of slavery subjugation on the lines of British slavery.

7. Help from Industrialists: BJP undoubtedly got the financial support from Industrialists and small traders who are and were core support group with the bright hope from BJP that their interests shall be looked into by BJP.

8.Promise of bringing back the Black Money: BJP campaign style hit hard on the issue of Black money and painted Congress party as a top corrupt party and promise to the public to bring back Black money. Mostly all Indians who adopted honesty in their lives and in fact Indians always liked honesty at least in their leaders because Satyamev Jayate ultimately prevails. Indians themselves may not be honest, but they always liked honesty in their leaders.

9. Promise of employment: BJP touched the issue of unemployment and promised lot of jobs to the youth who were kept happy by BJP, because for the first time in Indian History, the issue of unemployment was talked about with such an intensity and promised jobs in a frank manner.

10. Narendra Modi Communication Style: It can never be doubted that even his bitter critic accept the fact that Modi can set up communication /dialogue with the crowd like a magician. This aspect also played an important role in the May 2014.

11. Experience of Modi as Gujrat CM: Modi had lot of experience as Gujrat CM who brought BJP to power 3 times and still Public was not having an incumbency factor in all the Gujrat elections.

12. Role of RSS in Elections: It is an open secret, that RSS contributed a lot in May 2014 elections in bringing BJP to power. RSS cadre is a highly disciplined force and their Pracharaks are management experts having solid family background with a zeal in their hearts. These cadres are from local Mohalla based and is well aware of the local problems. They act on personal contacts and their booth/area level management played a crucial role in May 2014 elections. Their role was important in bringing voters to polling booths by sacrificing their personal comforts and persuaded them voting in favor of BJP.

13. Hindu Factor: There can be no doubt that Congress appeased minority, kept silent on Hindu conversions while they gave and invented a new term as Hindu terror which was not liked by Hindus and Hindu voter bank saw through the Congress game, switched the sides from Congress to BJP. Various saints like Sadhvi Pagya and Colonel Purohit were tortured beyond limit to confess their involvement in the terrorist activity which irked the large Hindu base.

14. Gujrat Riots: After 80 Hindus were burnt in an inferno train, Godhra Express, large scale communal riots erupted in Gujrat in which hundreds of Muslims were also killed. For the first time in Indian history, Hindus backlashed and replied in the same tongue which they understand. Gujrat Government also rumored to participate in it which was seen by a large section of Hindus. They saw to it that only party (BJP) can stand on behalf of Hindus in the times of crisis.

15. CAG Reports: CAG investigated the various Congress scandals and report after report appeared in public domain regarding estimation of loss, nothing less than one thousand crores. This was impression or fact very difficult to say but the least count of congress corruption was established as minimum one thousand crores. This was exploited by BJP and other likeminded parties which benefitted the BJP immensely.

The onslaught by BJP started from 2011 onwards to be led by Narendra Modi well before elections and he visited almost all Major cities and lectured in open forums, Universities and Colleges where he told the Congress Corruption and how he tackled the various problems in Gujrat as Chief Minister. The impression was given in such a manner as if some magic is going on in Gujrat and the same magic will be implemented in whole of the country if chance is given. India by that time had become a big laboratory where Gujrat experiment shall be conducted to make India Happy, safe and prosperous. Indian were in full grip of this dream, any way dreams never come true fully although half dreams came true in some selective manner.

 Now penultimate day came when Narendra Modi was selected as the Chief of Campaign committee for May 2014 elections bypassing the various contenders. Slowly and slowly Modi took over the entire scene and ultimately managed to project himself as PM candidate bypassing again several contenders of PM post like Rajnath Singh and L K Advani. In the end all BJP leaders grudgingly agreed to project Modi as Prime Minister. Due to reasons as mentioned above, Modi appointed probably for the first time in India, professional firms dealing with Campaign/poll management. With the help of these agencies and RSS support where Swayam Sevaks brought the voters to polling booths and persuaded/requested them to vote for BJP. Fortunately BJP alone won 284 seats independently and 336 seats as NDA including its electoral partners, well above the half way mark of 273 of Lok Sabha. Narendra Bhai had taken the oath as 18th Prime Minister and now the great game of ego and super ego started as if Lord Vishnu as Mayapati dictated time to dance on the tunes of Human ego as always happens which is the basic nature of any human being.

Soon after taking over, Modi announced some social schemes, paid attention to defense needs and no doubt made new alignments in International arena. In the mean time Human ego entered in his head and Modi had already started to believe that:

  • NDA/BJP had won because of him, his oratory and his persona.
  • He had become indispensible person in Indian politics.
  • Not only in India, he had become indispensible person internationally.
  • He had become indispensible person in BJP and NDA.
  • He is having all the required knowledge in defense, Economy, International relations, law and order and other disciplines and all other Ministries.
  • Not only knowledge, he thought himself as a Super expert in all matters of Government and its all departments.
  • He is having all the authority to dictate terms to his Minsters and Chief Ministers but also democratic institutions.
  • He will make India, a Congress Mukt Bharat.

 Narendra Modi forgot one basic fact of nature that wisdom lies in the acceptance of your ignorance and in the field of specialized knowledge, take the help and advice of experts. Fortunately India had and is having very vast pool of experts in the all field of governance. Prime Minister was expected to have that wisdom to identify and select these experts and take their advice with all sincerity and work on those advices. Here Narendra Modi failed miserably, few examples are:

  •  Modi brought Arvind Pangariah, a noted economist from USA as Planning commission Vice Chairman. He left in between before expiry of his term and went back to USA.
  •  Arvind Subramaniam again a noted Economist from USA was appointed as Chief Economic Advisor. He also left in between before expiry of his term and went back.
  •  Urjit Patel who left in disgust as Reserve Bank of India Governor in Government of India.
  •  Many more can be cited who left India without completing their given tasks.

All these battery of talent who went back are not the looser but Indian Government and particularly India was looser. All these personalities shall earn at least 15-20 times in other countries or in IMF/World Bank assignments. Such battery of expert hardly bothered about money but they draw the strength from the satisfaction of serving their country. These are the few cases only, there are several departments/disciplines/ministries in which no advice is sought from experts or max their advices are sidelined or they themselves were sidelined. Even in present day, several Ministries/Departments are being headed by mediocre bureaucrats. Unfortunately, in Indian bureaucracy right from the August 1947, it is the Civil Services mediocre who headed and constituted these departments and reached to the top posing themselves as an Experts.

 Who shall listen and act according to the advice of expert, one who is free from complexes. Both types of complexes either Superiority or inferiority complexes go on parallel tracks. It means that one who is having inferiority complex shall also have Superiority complexes because a human being has to keep himself in perfect balance mentally and intellectually that is the nature. One person who considers himself as a Super expert in all fields, would not like the real experts in his company. He the leader must be free from all complexes either Superiority or inferiority to listen to act on the advices from experts or to enjoy the Company of experts. It may be inferred here that Narendra Modi is having deep inferiority/ superiority complexes to the extent that he has already become a Pucca arrogant.

 Arrogance at the PM level will prove to be this last nail in the coffin of Indian Government. He is arrogant even to his own colleagues who shall not think twice, leave him in lurch and cross the boundary line. It appears that Modi has forgotten the value of Humility which was endowed by Atal Bihari Vajpayee or Lal Bahadur Shastri. His total personality itself has become very offensive to his own colleagues and other Ministries and State Governments. It can be understood that as PM he has to be offensive to opposition parties but anybody can be very effective and attack opposition without being offensive. In fact criticism smilingly can be a better tool to attack. Indian had not forgotten the electoral defeat of Mrs. Gandhi in 1977 elections who had also developed and bloated her own ego to the point that she thought herself as indispensable to India.

Narendra Modi is thumping chest and tapping his own back by giving 95% marks to himself in electoral successes, another 2% to RSS and balance to other factors. It was only the time which sprang up Narendra Modi at the right time but to think that only he is responsible for all the successes, is surely detrimental to to his own Government, BJP and Hindus at large. He started to even ignore RSS and its advices and antagonized this mighty organization but whose help, BJP would not have won even 100 seats minus the support of RSS. Modi had become so arrogant to forget the RSS contribution in making him the Prime Minister.

 Education which is the indicator to the personality and brings humility. Indians always liked and trusted the person with humility which comes from education. Indian believed firmly that “VIDYA DADATI VINAYAM” which means that education brings humility. Also Indian public does not like a situation where a humble persons turns into an arrogant man to whom they teach a lesson.

 RSS is an Empire which are running several hundred organizations practically in all walks of life with help and sacrifices of its Swyamsevaks. RSS will be hardly bothered who is the PM and who shall be the PM. If Modi does not heed to them, they shall immediately support to some other leader and it should not a surprise that if Congress gives assurance to RSS of protection of Hindus, Hinduism and non appeasement to minorities, RSS may support Congress itself.

 Modi managed and forced the bigger Industrial houses to purchase practically all Media houses that he appears to throttle the voice of dissent. With the bugle blowing of his achievements, now India has seen such a divide in society which this country never seen before. You can be either Modi Bhakta or die hard Modi hater but Modi cannot be ignored which reminds the great divide of Bengal in league football where family feuds were being reported on the basis of total allegiance to either Mohamdan Sporting or East Bengal football teams.

 In May 2019, if BJP/NDA loose, who shall be actual looser, it shall be Hindus only as a whole, who had played a blind game by putting themselves as a chess pawn with Modi in May 2014 and lost in end. In the end, human nature is supreme which plays at several levels and in these circumstances, if we think, Modi is a superhuman on which ignorance and ego shall not attack, then we shall prove ourselves ignorant of human nature. Narendra Modi is also a common human being having weaknesses of attack of egotism and complexes. One can learn several lessons from the rise and probable fall of Narendra Modi, the present Prime Minister of India.


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