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Hindus-First Sign of Intellectuals

Intellectualism by Hating Hindus

Hate Hindus-First Sign of Intellectuals

India then Bharata was named after King Bharat the son of King Dushyanta and Queen Shakuntla, the forefathers of Pandavas and Kaurvas. Right from the time immemorial, Bharata produced large number of Rishis, Mahrishis who wield such an intellectual and psychic powers of all pervading knowledge that they were masters of roughly all subjects. The Gurukuls were patronized by Kings and education was free. These Rishis were barely intellectuals but they were harbinger of hope, values, respect, and Maryada. They taught to the society, the respect to not only Human beings but to all mankind, nature, all animal, birds, rivers, trees and all that God has bestowed to human beings. They imparted the lessons of life by doing the practice by themselves.

The next phase started when invaders entered India, who tried to crush Hindus either by force or conversion, destroyed their temples, Universities, raped their woman folk and Jajia tax was imposed. To justify their atrocities and pacify Hindus, Islam introduced Sufi culture who then introduced the Sufism with heady mixture of Islam and music which was given a name Qwalli- a school of music. To praise Allah is OK but to take the name of Hindu Icon was tauba tauba for any devout Muslim.

Third phase of this pseudo Intellectualism was introduced when the Mughals were described having all positive qualities and details of their generosity, were picturised by pseudo Historians who forgot all their atrocities and their criminality, justified their acts and proved as if Hindus were and are first class rascals. Britishers were successful in their designs of proving that Aryans were not from this country and Hindus were Cowards who cannot defend themselves. Muslims were peace lovers, Hindus were trouble makers. The same piece of argument was followed and carried forward by Indian National Congress which was basically a stooge of Englishmen who designed it with a sole motive of dousing the fire of Freedom. Congress was a smart platform to vomit out all anti English freedom sentiments and get them self arrested and live like a Maharaja even in Jail. Such pseudo freedom fighters created one dedicated group of Intellectuals. The followers of Subhash Chandra Bose, Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Ajad could never become and to be called Intellectuals. English speaking people with fine taste were intellectuals while Patel followers, Dhoti clad were classified as Hindu hardliners. Jawaharlal was a hero, Veer Savarkar was a terrorist for English writer and English speaking Journalists and media and Lo and Behold, a new type of intellectuals was born with English manners, totally seculars. For them Jinnah was Muslim leader but Patel was hardliner. Gradually all Congressman sans Patel followers, were termed as Intellectuals by birth. A Hindu can never be classified as Intellectual in India who is only a backward and dumb, fit only to be ruled. Gradually all writers who can hate and criticize Hinduism and Hindu belief systems were classified and eulogized as top class thinkers and Intellectuals.

When Carl Marx was writing DAS CAPITAL, he could never imagine that his followers would be called as Intellectuals in India sitting in the lap of capitalists. They would take procession in support of downtrodden, farmers, Tribal’s, lecture nonstop to masses and project themselves as Hero, would abuse rich people and project themselves as non believer in the Concept of GOD. They would say that GOD IS DEAD and RELIGION IS OPIUM OF MASSES. They would also proclaim that REVOLUTION COMES EITHER FROM BARREL OF GUN OR BARREL OF WOMAN keeping all precautions that Indian Communists hated and abused Hinduism only while maintaining stoic silence on other religions. For Communists, Hindus were nothing more than backwards and bunch of fools, Hindus belief system were atrocities on masses and took pride in establishing themselves as an atheists only for Hindus.

These so called seculars who were apparently giving equal respects but in actual they criticizing Hindu belief systems while keeping silent on other religions produced another tribe as Rationalists. Suddenly numbers of Rationalists societies were born from the funds of Churches whose was assigned the job of destroy and crushed the Hindus belief system with financial help of Christian Missionaries. The apparent purpose was to dismantle the bad practices but the real purpose is to push the Hindus to wall that can be prompted then to convert. For these so called Rationalist societies, Islam and Christianity were free from all evils and they are perfectly rational religion.

Nobody can rule India until and unless Hindus were either to be converted or develop in them the highest form of inferiority complex about being Hindu, a purpose which can be achieved with the help of Media. Thus a new media was created which can establish that English is the language of Elite and all Indian Languages are most inferior types of communication. Being a Hindu to be a worst thing in India who can be fooled with tons of inferiority complex and kill their self esteem in a systemic manner. For this media men who can speak fluent English were classified as a much superior human than so called Hindus and their mother tongues. These English mannered and English speaking media were turned into first class Intellectuals who are always in forefront in challenging Hindu belief systems.

Hindu enmity and criticism has risen to such a level that various groups have mushroomed who  ask disturbing questions not only about Hindu belief system but also question the existence of Lord Rama and castigates about Rama Setu between India and ShriLanka. Hindus remain silent when one painter justifies the painting of naked Saraswati and several films Hindu Gods and Goddesses are joked and mocked. When anybody raises the objection, the Hindu Critic immediately starts appreciating and singing the song of greatness of Hindus tolerance. This shower of praise cool down the small sparks if visible in any remote corner of Hindu Masses who go to deep slumber again. This deep slumber has already turned into deep coma in which about 90% Hindus live and believe.

Out of 70% rule of India, Indian National Congress has been successful to penetrate all the institutions with these so called free thinkers, rationalists Hindu haters. This is a shame that Hindus are not identifying this root cause of misrule by proxy of Congress have totally shut their eyes from impending dangers like a ostrich digging their heads into sand and thinking that danger is over and out. So much so , these Hindu haters element have penetrated into low and High judiciary which affects the major judgments affecting the entire Nation, the belongingness of which largely falls on Hindus shoulder only.

Off late Congress, seculars, Hindu haters successfully created another group as “Award Waapsi gang” consisting of left oriented Writers, painters, scientists, social workers who on a drop of hat, return their award as a mark of protest anything which is even remotely connected with Hinduism rise.

To sum up, the bottom-line has become by Seculars, left minded writers and thinkers to deride the Hindu religion, and call them the free thinkers, rationalists, progressive writers to see the Hindu edifice crumbling on ground and to collect their awards later on in a brighter future and happy times.

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